Wet Clammy Feet Are a Thing of the Past

25 May

There is nothing worse than wet, clammy feet. For athletes in particular keeping one’s feet dry is a priority. Participating in long stretches of biking, running, etc. means that the feet will be subjected to the rigors of perspiration so that the socks play a very important role in taking care of this need.

There are also people who are not necessarily athletics, who have a precondition to super sweaty feet, wearing socks is important for regular wicking to avoid trench foot.

Today’s technology has brought to the market some very effective choices of textiles for comfortable custom socks. One such fabric is called Coolmax. Like the name suggests the advantage of wearing Coolmax is to provide the maximum protection for cool, dry feet. How is this possible?

First of all the Coolmax fiber itself has the ability to allow for quicker, more efficient evaporation. The larger surface area is the main reason for this. Coolmax has a patented design consisting of four channels that draws moisture away from the foot.  Coolmax also surrounds a LYCRA core that improves strength. There is good stretch and again excellent control of moisture.

The toe often takes the brunt of pressure when engaged in strenuous to average everyday activity. The seam will cause discomfort as well as wear away first. With the Coolmax custom socks, there is an Extra Smooth looped toe seam so that there is a smooth transition between the body of the sock and the toe area. The toes too benefit from the Coolmax wicking properties without being subjected to the discomfort that typically stems from seam areas.

The soles of the Coolmax are made from recycled plastic and blended with Cordura nylon for added durability. Custom Coolmax socks are also ideal for adding your own personal brand and logo. Not only are these socks super comfortable but they are the perfect advertising vehicle for getting your name out into the marketplace. Many schools, churches, sports groups and other organizations have opted for getting their name out via personalized Coolmax socks.

Simply come and visit our site at http://www.mycustomsocks.com/portfolio/ to see the dozens of color combinations that our customers have had designed. The choices are limitless and you can’t help but get excited about the possibilities. Socks have certainly taken on a new importance in our lives.

The Coolmax socks have been available for several years but many people still are learning about them. Why not help others learn about how they can make their feet happier by wearing these socks yourself, promoting your brand, and helping others to do the same? These eco-friendly socks are not restricted to athletes. Anyone who wants comfortable feet will find Coolmax a desirable addition to their garde-robe.

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