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23 Mar


Cycling is a worldwide sport which is loved by millions. Growing numbers of people are taking the sport seriously and kitting themselves and their bikes out to a professional level. The clothing cyclists wear is important and therefore is best produced from specialist materials, with the socks being no exception.

The cyclist’s goal is for themselves and the bike, to remain as aerodynamic as possible. Lycra is the material of choice for many cyclists, almost universally selected for its aerodynamic properties. Teamed with aerodynamic headwear it has become recognized as the Cyclist’s ‘uniform’ but what of the humble cycling socks?

Best Foot Forward For Cyclists!

Being a specialist item, cycling socks should be chosen with great care and consideration. After all, these pieces of equipment wrap the power behind the bicycle! Socks are designed to keep the feet warm during colder weather and to keep the feet dry by absorbing sweat. Mycustomsock’s foot offerings are designed to be thinner than other socks and more elastic in design to create a tighter more comfortable fit whilst allowing the rider to better feel the pedal under their feet.

Cycling socks should be made of soft and breathable fabrics that have been designed so that they will not scratch, or irritate the wearer’s skin. It is very important that the socks are not too tight, in order that they do not interfere with circulation and that they do not scratch or irritate the wearer’s skin. They should be able to absorb the wearer’s perspiration and dry quickly and they should not cause discomfort. Perspiration that is trapped on the feet causes discomfort and can create foot related health problems.

Aside from the comfort and health factors, which are, of course, of paramount importance, there is also the style factor to consider. My Custom Socks have also considered fashion when creating their socks and this ensures it is your one stop shop for all your Cycling sock needs. They have an exceptional reputation and a superb team of friendly staff and approachable designers who are on hand and happy to support you in your decision, design, and purchasing process.


My Custom Socks provide a unique service that allows you to choose the exact design your sock holds, from unlimited choice of colors through to logos, but also, more importantly, the quality and type of sock that you are choosing for your feet. brings socks with superior design to the discerning consumer, looking for the ultimate in quality. The socks are made from the best quality materials combining different aspects of fabric technology to create the perfect equipment to put you on the best footing!

Let Your Feet Do The Talking!

Cycling uphill

You can make your selection from a variety of nine differently styled socks. Each of these socks have different properties and have been made from specific materials. In essence, the styles are – Socks Classic – a more standard style sock, SOS Instep & Sole Support, SOS Naked, SOS Sole Tab, SOS Sole Pad, SOS Ski Shin, SOS Ski Select, SOS Ski Full and SOS Ski Thin. The last four are specifically for skiing applications and are not for cycling.

The socks designed more specifically for the purpose of cycling, contain the following technology within their specific designs:

Sole Stretch Cuff provides a gentle and protective barrier for the foot., Air Sole Fresh which allows the foot the maximum amount of breathability, Sole Shield is made of Core Spun Cool Max with Lycra support which protects the skin whilst stealing away any moisture attempting to linger on the foot, Smooth Toe providing extra support for the toes, Sole Support is a Lycra band arch support. This reduces fatigue and helps to hold the sock in its place, which ultimately helps reduce blisters caused by the sock slipping and lastly, Sole In Step which provide strips across the instep area that reduce pressure at the critical shoe closure point.

These innovative socks are available in a variety of different fabrics – Coolmax, Eco Solemax, Bamboo, Wool and Ultrathin. You can simply choose the fabric that most closely suits your purpose and indeed the cycling climate which the sock will be used in.

The choice of cuff height can also be customized, at the design stage, to suit your specific brand style requirement. The cuff height can be as low as the edge of your external footwear and can be fashioned in the form of a sneaker sock, up to a crew cuff, which is, on average, about seven inches high.

Custom Cycling Socks Example

The exact coloration of the sock can be chosen next, in as many colors as you want, all from an extensive rainbow color chart which can be located on the website. Each of these color spectrums can be returned to in order to provide the solid color for the four locations on the sock. This can then be given an additional textualized design to further create your unique look and style.

If you have your own team logo or wish to create one, then this can be included in the artwork of the sock. You can even work closely with the design team to create an array of options for your own design concept, making these superb footwear essentials things of immense and unique personal value too. Please contact the My Custom Socks friendly advice team for further details on this facility.

These trendy and stylish socks come in four different sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Footing The Bill!

There are no hidden costs! MyCustomSocks are upfront and honest about pricing and will provide you with a free quote based upon your requirements. There is no screen, plate or film charge or any setup charges. There is no charge for typesetting, scaling or routine cleanup either. Free art work prep is always included with your order and you can choose unlimited colors at no extra charge. All orders will receive a sample proof, via email, for your final approval. In addition, a sample pair of socks can be requested at a nominal price and of course, a postage and handling charge, prior to your finally approved shipment.

So, other than shipping, what are you actually expected to pay for? After reading this list of courtesy bonuses, you may be forgiven for wondering what it is that you are expected to pay for! Well, purely and simply, first class design, superior quality fabrics, technology and style!

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