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Wet Clammy Feet Are a Thing of the Past

25 May

There is nothing worse than wet, clammy feet. For athletes in particular keeping one’s feet dry is a priority. Participating in long stretches of biking, running, etc. means that the feet will be subjected to the rigors of perspiration so that the socks play a very important role in taking care of this need. There [...]

Choosing the Best Custom Running Socks

4 May

Choosing the best custom running socks is something many runners, both novice and experienced, don’t pay enough attention to. They will spend weeks searching for the perfect running shoes, and then use the first pair of socks they come across in their sock drawer. What they don’t realize is that using the wrong socks for [...]

How to Determine your Foot Arch Type

1 Apr

How to perform the wet test. The wet test is a simple way to tell if your foot has a flat, normal or high arch.  Knowing your arch type is key in choosing your type of running socks and shoes. To perform the wet test, you will need water, a shallow pan, round paper bag [...]

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