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How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique

25 Apr

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the mountains, in competition you probably going to be faced with bits of terrains which are very very different to what you use to training So we are going to do our best to give you hints and tips on getting over the mountains in the best [...]

Cycling skills Accelerate on Hills

12 Apr

Let’s have a closer look at hill acceleration. Often, just before the summit of a climb, is the hardest part of the climb. Riders will see the summit and they’ll accelerate over the last 200 meters stretching out the peloton and dropping the weaker ones. We need to practice this in training so it doesn’t [...]

Cycling Ambition

23 Mar

Cycling is a worldwide sport which is loved by millions. Growing numbers of people are taking the sport seriously and kitting themselves and their bikes out to a professional level. The clothing cyclists wear is important and therefore is best produced from specialist materials, with the socks being no exception. The cyclist’s goal is for [...]

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