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Approval and Order Payment

Sample Approval Form For version(s)

*Customer accepts responsibility to purchase all 1st quality socks up to 10% over the ordered quantity at normal price. If an underage occurs, the total balance due will be adjusted accordingly. You will only be charged for the socks you receive. Consequently, we will be adding a 10% charge on your invoice. The unused amount will be refunded upon shipping.
**If you have concerns about the colours/yarns please contact your sales associate OR consult our Pantone Colour Chart to verify correct colours. Orders will be shipped only once the final payment has been received and processed. Mycustomsocks guarantees the product quality 100%, but is not responsible for customer approved design or colour decisions resulting in incorrect socks.

Please ensure that your socks order is accurate and initial in the boxes below:

I have understood that the socks manufacturing process can yield a 10% over/under run per order.

I certify that spelling is accurate.

I certify that Logo Placement is accurate.

I understand that the colours on my computer monitor or viewing device may vary from the actual yarn colour.

I understand that socks are a knitted product and that the knitting of different colours may sometimes produce slight changes and differences in tone, design accuracy and precision.

I understand that the use of black or white backing yarn can slightly alter the overlying yarn colors.

I understand that 1st sample is free but that additional samples are $25 each

I understand that Mycustomsocks will not accept this order until this form and the payment authorization are signed and a 100% deposit has been processed.

I understand that any design or colour error on the client's behalf does not require Mycustomsocks to replace the incorrect socks free of charge.

I acknowledge and certify that I have the rights to use any logos on the socks and assume full responsibility for their reproduction and will assume all responsibility in the event of a copyright infringement.

I understand that the manufacturer's logo will be visible on the heel part of the socks and that the socks will be delivered with the manufacture's packaging, unless I provide my own packaging. A minimum order of 600 pairs is required and a $1 fee/pair will be added to remove the manufacturer's logo.

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