Knock Their Customizable Socks Off

2 Jun

Photo Credit: Always Casting Socks are a basic part of any outfit, whether you are putting them on for sports or for business. But when was the last time you looked someone’s socks? That’s kind of the point here. If you’re going to look at someone’s outfit, you need to look at the whole thing. [...]

Wet Clammy Feet Are a Thing of the Past

25 May

There is nothing worse than wet, clammy feet. For athletes in particular keeping one’s feet dry is a priority. Participating in long stretches of biking, running, etc. means that the feet will be subjected to the rigors of perspiration so that the socks play a very important role in taking care of this need. There [...]

Golf Swing and Right Foot

16 May

In this golf tip, we want to address the right foot placement for your golf swing. With the right foot, what we want to try to do is to get the foot turn out about 5 degrees. You get yourself in a position where your hips/waist can end up over-rotating as you go backward when [...]

Choosing the Best Custom Running Socks

4 May

Choosing the best custom running socks is something many runners, both novice and experienced, don’t pay enough attention to. They will spend weeks searching for the perfect running shoes, and then use the first pair of socks they come across in their sock drawer. What they don’t realize is that using the wrong socks for [...]

How to cycle in the mountains – Climbing Technique

25 Apr

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the mountains, in competition you probably going to be faced with bits of terrains which are very very different to what you use to training So we are going to do our best to give you hints and tips on getting over the mountains in the best [...]

10 Steps to A Successful Run

18 Apr

Running as a way to stay fit is both effective and fun. It is important to make the most of your run to insure you are not injured, and are able to make the most of your run time. There are several things that should be taken into account to ensure a successful run. 1. [...]

Cycling skills Accelerate on Hills

12 Apr

Let’s have a closer look at hill acceleration. Often, just before the summit of a climb, is the hardest part of the climb. Riders will see the summit and they’ll accelerate over the last 200 meters stretching out the peloton and dropping the weaker ones. We need to practice this in training so it doesn’t [...]

How to Determine your Foot Arch Type

1 Apr

How to perform the wet test. The wet test is a simple way to tell if your foot has a flat, normal or high arch.  Knowing your arch type is key in choosing your type of running socks and shoes. To perform the wet test, you will need water, a shallow pan, round paper bag [...]

Cycling Ambition

23 Mar

Cycling is a worldwide sport which is loved by millions. Growing numbers of people are taking the sport seriously and kitting themselves and their bikes out to a professional level. The clothing cyclists wear is important and therefore is best produced from specialist materials, with the socks being no exception. The cyclist’s goal is for [...]

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